DTA Chartered Architects is an award winning, experienced practice that comprehensively understands and believes in the need to match expectation with delivery. This core concept provides an unending challenge that can never be fulfilled by good design alone. Commercial needs are always present in every project and, in our opinion, good design brings added value to this basic need. Signature buildings, which fail in this respect, are no more than indulgences of the designer at the expense of the client. This is a core ethic at DTA Chartered Architects, which informs, manages and controls our design ambition.

Every decision taken during the process of delivering a project is, in essence, a design decision that will affect the outcome. It follows that every member of the design team, client included, must understand the consequences of their input. For DTA Chartered Architects, design is not an elitist activity, but a collaborative one, and our role is to ensure that our projects are conducted in a frank and open manner, which reinforces our commitment to team working, both internally and externally.

RIAS (Royal Incorporation for Architects in Scotland) Publication
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